Are you ready to begin or advance your PMU skills?

As a lifelong artist coming into the field of permanent cosmetics, I immediately fell in love with the concept of tattooing by hand. To me it felt as if it was the closest that I could get to my paint brushes. With SofTap hand tools and pigments, I am able to create detailed art specifically tailored to each client that stands the test of time. I teach SofTap because these are the products and techniques that I use every day in my studio.

What Courses are Offered:

– Fundamental Permanent Cosmetics
– Advanced Color Theory
– Advanced Procedures
– 1 on 1 Individualized Trainings

Courses are kept to a minimum of 2-3 students (unless otherwise stated) in order to provide an in-depth education on an individualized level for both beginners and advanced artists.

Before I was a cosmetic tattoo artist I was a teacher. With a background in education it is my goal as an educator to provide you with the skills and knowledge that you need in order to begin your career as a cosmetic tattoo artist. I cannot promise you success, you are in charge of that. I can, however, promise you that I will work hard for you and uphold my end, I expect my students to do the same. Class sizes are small for your benefit and I will be here for continued support even after class ends.

Each softap course a BrowWorks Studio is it designed to educate you in the SofTap hand method of tattooing for eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. We will also learn basic corrections, problem-solving, and marketing related to your course of choice.

What is SofTap®?

SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics is the most natural way to look your best, 24/7. Professionals specializing in the SofTap® hand method use 100% disposable hand tools to gently and delicately implant permanent color into the skin. This method is non-invasive, highly controlled, and produces the most natural looks you will ever see in permanent makeup.

There is just something special about art created by hand. It is robust and real, painstakingly made to evoke feeling. Museums everywhere celebrate the beauty and genius of works created with our own human hands, and you can see why. Van Gogh, Monet, da Vinci, Renoir, and so many others capture our hearts year after year with their breathtaking artistry. Few things last so long and remain so beautiful, but when done by hand, permanent cosmetics most certainly can.

The history of permanent cosmetics began thousands of years ago. Sharpened sticks and stones were used to implant natural pigments into the skin. You can still see signs of these markings on preserved human remains today. Mummies dating back to the time of Cleopatra still show visible signs of hand tattooed permanent makeupv. Even Ötzi the Iceman has 57 tattoos still visible on his body, and he is over 5000 years old.

Today the hand method has been reinvented with SofTap® Brand Permanent Cosmetics.

We have modernized this ancient form of tattooing with the patented, 100% disposable hand tools to give clients the most natural look in permanent cosmetics. When it comes to the sensitive skin on the face, we feel that only the most controlled and gentle methods should be used to implant permanent color. Permanent makeup done with the SofTap® hand method is gentle, quiet, and gives beautiful results!

Unlike modern body tattoos, SofTap® brand permanent makeup is implanted by hand, using only SofTap® brand hand tools. This method is gentle, noiseless, non-invasive, and gives clients the most natural look in permanent cosmetics. SofTap® believes that the natural versatility and artistic nature of the hand method is perfect for delicate work, which is why they created their signature line of patented contemporary needles for permanent makeup.

As a permanent cosmetic professional you have complete control over where pigment is deposited in the skin with the SofTap® hand method. Every move, every touch is at your professional discretion. You can not only enhance your talent with each procedure, but also enjoy creating beautiful art knowing that your results will always be spot on. I like to say its like having many paintbrushes to choose from, when it comes to the amount of needle configurations choices that you have. Anything a machine can do, so can you. Talented artists with gentle hands can design permanent cosmetics exactly as they want them, down to the tiniest point of color before even beginning. During the procedure, SofTap® tools are dipped in SofTap® color and then gently tapped throughout the area according to the design. Let your artistic ability flow!!

What can I do with a career in Permanent Cosmetics?

The possibilities are endless! There are many facets to cosmetic tattooing.

Permanent Cosmetics is one, which includes the many tattooing techniques for eyebrows, eyeliners, and lips.

The field of Medical Tattooing is another, which includes areola tattooing for breast cancer survivors and scar camouflage. These changes lives daily .

You could work in your own space or in a medical facility, the choice has become yours as a business owner. Many conventional body tattoo shops are beginning to hire permanent make up artist as well. We will talk about all of this and more in class and before it begins, don’t worry.

This industry is hard work. Tattooing someone’s most prized possession (their face) is no little thing. It will be your job as an artist to educate your clients, therefore you also need to be educated yourself. It’s my job as your instructor to give you the appropriate tools and knowledge that will equip you for the real world.

I can’t promise you success, but with hardwork and lots of practice, this industry allows you to not only make a comfortable living, but you will be laughing with your clients, crying with your clients, just celebrating life with your clients. Personally, my clientele ranges from ages 18 all the way to 92. Some become friends and you may just find that you learn some valuable life lessons along the way from many of them, I know I sure have. It can fulfill you and give you an outlet for your creativity if you got it. So what are you waiting for?

Fundamental/ Beginner Trainings

The fundamentals (beginners) course begins with and focuses on eyebrows. It’s a great starting point for permanent cosmetics as eyeliner and lips etc are advanced, but of course you can learn those down the road as you become confident in technique. 

The fundamental techniques covered in this course: 

Eyebrow Techniques

– Powdered Brows

– Beginners Microblading 

– Basic Combination

– SofTap® Hairstrokes

It is a 100 hour course with course material available online before our scheduled in studio dates. 

We then have 4 days in studio working on clients so that you have plenty of hands-on experience. BrowWorks Studio will provide the clients for you. We will work on an assortment of skin types during our in-studio days that include both fresh and previously tattooed skin to enhance your real-world knowledge, problem solve, and more.

All curriculum is SPCP/Society for Permanent Cosmetics ( approved and you will receive your official Softap certification upon completion. 

We will also cover:

– Each needle configuration and its uses.

– SofTap® Pigments and color theory.

– Aftercare, PCCT- Permanent Cosmetics Color Theory, Facial Morphology, Stretching techniques, Anesthetics in Permanent Makeup, Client Management, Psychology & Permanent Cosmetics, Anatomy of the skin, Skin Undertones, and more!

A practice kit is included with this fundamental course. This kit includes essential SofTap® Eyebrow Needles and a practice pigment and tools. Essentials that will allow you to continue practicing after the course is complete.

** When registering for your course you will have the option to upgrade your kit. The Eyebrow kit (pictured) includes essential SofTap® Products such as brow pigments, sterile needle configurations, topical numbing products, pigment cups and more. Essentials that will allow you to begin working after the course is complete. This upgrade is $750 ($882.90 in products saving you $153)

You also have the option for the SofTap Complete Deluxe kit this option includes one or more of every SofTap® product packaged and ready to go in a gorgeous rolling tool chest. You will also be listed as a certified SofTap® Practitioner on the Softap® website. Please reach out to me if you would like a further breakdown of this kit. (This kit is $1,580 at a $1,975.50 product value and I cover shipping saving you over $500.)

You will receive two student handbooks, one is the SPCP handbook and the other is the softap student manual as well as information to take your Blood born pathogens training before the in person portion of class (you are responsible for the cost of this training through department of health, I will help guide you.).

 I’ll walk you through some business and licensing details as well, such as insurance and establishment licenses. You will obtain your tattoo license before our in-studio day in order to work on our course clients/models.  Don’t worry, it’s a lot, but once you’re registered, I keep it as simple as I can for you. 
~~ Please note: if you are traveling from out of state, requirements will vary. Please reach out and I will help you locate what your state requires for licensing if you are not already aware.

The fundamental course is $5,750 due at the time of registration.

I provide the models and you will work with 7 clients before the end of class. This also gives you great before and afters to help you right out of the gate with gaining your own clients. 

I’m happy to answer any more questions that arise and please feel free to reach out to me.

Advanced Trainings