Hi I’m Anna! I’m a born and raised 3rd generation Floridian. I grew up in Crystal River in a family full of waterman and artists. From as early as I can remember I was painting with my grandma at her kitchen counter. I’ve always been very artistic, a lot of painting, drawing, and creating.

After college I followed my mother’s footsteps and became a teacher, I loved it, but in 2016 I discovered Cosmetic Tattooing, also known as Permanent Makeup. What was meant to be a weekend hobby quickly became my passion. There was just something special about the ability to create art and help enhance the self confidence of others that attracted me to this. However, it was challenging, meticulous, and quite the adrenaline rush, which drove me to want to soak in as much knowledge as possible in order to give my clients my best art every time.
I apprenticed with an artist who has over 20 years in the field of Permanent Cosmetics before opening my own studio, BrowWorks Studio, In Clearwater Florida.
I have clients who travel from all over The United States, I hear amazing stories, I laugh and cry with my clients, and most importantly I get to see their face when they look into the mirror the first time. It’s magic to me. Not only do I create fresh art, but I correct poorly done permanent cosmetics as well. Through that aspect I quickly saw first hand the lack of fundamental education, for both artists and clients, in our industry.
So in 2019 I began meshing my love for education with my passion for permanent cosmetics. I became one of only a handful of trainers in the US for the company Softap Permanent Cosmetics, as well as working with the Society for Permanent Cosmetic professionals (SPCP) and veteran artists to create a curriculum that would leave my students feeling confident in creating outstanding artwork.
While I utilize many amazing tools and products in the studio, my assortment of manual hand tools and manual techniques are my pride.
This is where BrowWorks Studio stands out.
While I do have a rotary tattoo machine in my studio, I prefer to tattoo manually with hand tools. Anything a machine can do, I can do.
There’s just something special about art created by hand, humans have been tattooing this way for thousands of years. It’s gentle on the skin and the healed results are soft and natural. I love to recreate and enhance eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, and areolae as well as corrections and scar camouflage.
I’m a mom to an energetic toddler, I have minimal freedom to apply my own makeup everyday. I speak on a personal level when I say Permanent cosmetics make an amazing enhancement your everyday look. My clients wake up feeling a little more whole when looking in the mirror, plus it saves time. I truly love tattooing faces everyday!